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Great Benefits

There is no cost to start. No listing fee. No additional monthly fee. And a low inclusive commission fee.

Shopfront Control

Customisable shopfront options such as shop banner, feature item listing, and templates that allow you to take control of how your shop looks.


We function on a secure, SSL-encrypted platform to give you piece of mind while you trade with us.

Performance Dashboard

Pro dashboard that displays your shops reports in a simple easy to understand way. Making it a piece of cake to see how your shop is performing.

Sell your way

Flexibility with how you would like to sell your products from creating a sale,custom shipping, and vendor-only coupons.

How does L'alto work?

How can I be a vendor? 

We encourage Catholic creators to be a part of L’alto, but we also acknowledge that everyone is at a different stage of their faith journey. 

If you are interested in being a vendor with us, shoot us a message and we can decide together whether L’alto is right for you.

What can I sell? 

We would love for all our community to express their full creativity! But there is one rule, you cannot sell products that are antithetical to the Catholic faith, or anything immoral. 

If you have amazing products but a little unsure if it fits this criteria, we would still love to hear from you, and see if we can work together. Just leave your details below and we will be in touch.


At L’alto, we want your products to shine. So, if you have been approved by us as a vendor, we only take a small percentage of a successful sale. This is an inclusive fee covering commission as well as any transaction fee. 

This allows us to continue the L’alto – Catholic Marketplace dream, and allows us to continue to run the website. 

Be not afraid.

If you are interested in showcasing your work with us, leave us a message and your details.


We would love to hear from you.

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