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“To the Heights”

The idea for an online creative community is inspired by Blessed Pier Giorgio. in the way in which he pursued his faith and shared it through his everyday living. He was a true example of one who brought faith into the ordinary which awoke the spirit within others to strive to the heights.

Fostering Faith through
the Ordinary

L’alto is a celebration of the God-given talents and works of Catholic creatives.

We started through the desire to share these inspirational gifts and works with as many other people as possible, as well as support those who created them.

Through the platform of an online marketplace, L’alto aims to connect these Catholic creatives directly to you. It’s a place where you can find things inspired by the Catholic faith, draw inspiration to help you delve deeper into your faith, and support independent creators to continually do what they love.

To foster faith through the ordinary is our mission. To highlight how the seemingly ‘ordinary’ can reveal the splendour of God is our dream.

Our Mission

Foster Faith through the Ordinary

Our Dream

To highlight how the seemingly ‘ordinary’ can reveal the splendour of God

Strive with us.

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